The Grace Knitwear Story

Robyn Betts is the designer and creator of Grace Suri and Merino Knitwear- an exclusive range of quality suri alpaca and fine merino fashion. This knitwear and homeware range is manufactured and knitted from Australian suri alpaca fleece and fine merino selected from single source farms. The knitwear has the cool light drape and next to skin smoothness of suri alpaca and the warmth of fine merino. The products are totally made in Australia.

Suri Alpaca

The blend of suri alpaca and merino is a unique combination of luxury natural fibre., The long lustrous and silky fleece staples of the suri alpaca are supported with the crimp and stability of fine merino wool.

Super Fine Merino

The 100% fine merino knitwear, reflects the light soft warmth of the fleece. The merino is selected from a single farm which has ethical and sustainability accreditation. The fleece is selected for its micron, handle and pure colour.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the best way to care for the knitwear – particularly the jumpers and capes?

As with all fine knitwear, the products can be either drycleaned or gently hand washed. If hand washing, then only use a very small amount of quality wool wash, in luke warm water, gently squeeze- don’t rub or agitate the knitwear. Wrap the knitwear in a clean towel to remove excess water and lay the knitwear flat out of direct sunlight to dry. A steam iron on the wool setting can be used to retain the shape of the garment.

Can Grace Knitwear products be machine washed?

No definitely not. The yarn has not been chemically treated to be a superwash wool so the garment requires hand washing or drycleaning. It is likely that the garment will shrink and felt if it is put into a washing machine – even on a wool cycle.

How often do I need to wash the knitwear?

The garment is a natural fibre. It can be aired outside to remove musty smells, and stains and marks can be spot washed using a damp cloth and wool wash. It is possible that the garment may only require a full wash or dry clean twice to three times per season.

Does the knitwear pill and rub?

The garment is made from fine and very soft fibres. All fabric and knitwear can pill in areas where there is rubbing and friction. It is possible that the Grace Knitwear garment will pill in specific areas such as under the arms . Using a fibre comb – see shop – can remove the pill keep the garment looking fresh.

Where do you get the fleece from?

I source the suri fleece from Baarrooka Alpacas in Strathbogie and the Merino from Toland Merinos in Violet Town. Both of these farms have quality fleece and have ethical animal welfare accreditation.

How should I store the knitwear when I am not wearing it?

I am concerned about moths When you purchased your Grace Knitwear garment, a fabric bag was included in the purchase. In order to protect your garment, please fold flat and store in the bag, making sure that the draw string is pulled up tight. It is suggested that a sprig of lavender, bay leaves and cloves can be included in the storage bag – as a moth deterrent.

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Grace Knitwear only uses fleece which fits the criteria to obtain light soft warmth and next to skin softness.

knitwear is designed and manufactured within a limited production process to preserve the quality and style trends for each season. Your purchase of Grace Knitwear is a signature of Australian grown and made, quality and knowledge.